Charlie McAtee Communications Services

People often ask me, “What type of clients do you work with.” My answer: businesses, organizations and teams that want to better connect with their audiences and share its story with the world.

Whether it’s reaching the media, employees, shareholders, online customers, or social media followers, Charlie McAtee Communications can help your company, non-profit or team develop a strategic communication plan that delivers results.

Specializing in:

  • Strategic communication planning
  • Public relations
  • Crisis, issues communication counsel
  • Employee engagement, internal communications
  • Media relations strategy, execution
  • Storytelling, content development and writing
  • Event planning

Strategic Communications Planning

Connecting deeper with your audience(s) requires strategic thought and execution. Without it, you’re simply sending messages.

Strategic communication requires a different approach. Yes, you need to get your messages out. But if you’re not listening and engaging with your audiences, then you’re likely missing an important element. When you have two-way communication, this is when the magic happens.

Employee Engagement, Communications

Employees are likely your biggest asset. Without them, your company or organization wouldn’t run effectively. If you’re not connecting with your employees on a deeper level, they’re likely to become disengaged, or worse, walk out the door.

Do they know your mission? Do they understand how their role supports that mission? Are you communicating with them often enough, or perhaps too much? Have you asked them what information they need to do their jobs better, or feel part of the larger mission?

If not, why not?

Crisis Communication

It’s not a matter of if a crisis happens, it’s when. In today’s world every organization needs to be prepared. Whether it’s a natural disaster, data breach or an employee injury, every company must be prepared with a communication plan.

Do your employees know what to do if an accident happens? What if a newspaper reporter calls, do you want anyone answering questions? Do you have spokespeople trained to talk to the media? Who will address your employees?

Every organization is a couple social media posts away from a potential crisis. Are you prepared?

Media Relations

Working with the media requires a strategic and thoughtful approach. Yes, they’re looking for good stories, and it’s wonderful to be featured in a magazine or national publication. I’ve successfully pitched publications such as Inc. magazine, L.A. Times, Forbes and TechCrunch. These are cases of positive media coverage.

But sometimes the best media strategy is to stay out of the news cycle. There have been times in my career where an organization has wanted to be a part of a news story, but I successfully counseled them to not participate because it could hurt their reputation unnecessarily.

Would you trade your long-term reputation for a short-term media win? It’s not worth it.

Event Planning

Special events are complex with a lot of moving parts. Do you have a plan in place? Do you have the right people on the team? Do you need help with one aspect of an event? I’ve led everything from home shows to golf outings to baseball tournaments. If it’s a special event, I can help your team achieve success.